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Sustainable Development

Stakeholder Engagement

We continuously interact with a wide variety of stakeholders to discuss and address society's most pressing needs. Beyond this, we actively engage with our global Advisory Panel, of sustainability experts, who provide important and valuable advice.

Our stakeholders are the basis for our materiality assessment.

Our People

At CEMEX, our people are at the core of our business and our success. With the contributions, energy, and vision of our employees we continue to build our future... More

Our Neighbors

We seek to ensure that we are a good neighbor and an active and positive part of every community in which we operate. To meet this objective, and to move closer to our vision... More

Our Business Partners

At CEMEX, we seek to provide innovative, quality products that benefit society and make construction safer, more productive, and more sustainable. Our vision is to play a leading role in the sustainable construction industry. We recognize, however, that we cannot achieve this vision alone. We understand how our sustainability efforts depend on the support and participation of our business partners throughout our value chain, primarily our suppliers and customers, which include distributors and individuals building their own homes. We collaborate with them in order to create a more sustainable construction industry and build a smart world together... More

Our World

As a global company and citizen, we at CEMEX understand and have embraced our responsibility to address some of society's largest and most complex challenges... More

Global Partnerships

We demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, and engage in public-policy making, through involvement in industry and broader global initiatives... More

Local Partnerships

We also demonstrate our commitment to sustainability engaging with organizations at a local level... More

Public Policy

We engage with governments and regulators to communicate our positions on public-policy issues that can affect our company... More