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Responsible Sourcing

Sustainability is a crucial element of our business model that is embedded throughout our operations. Consistent with CEMEX's commitment, we continue integrating sustainability into our supply chain.

Sustainable Sourcing

Our company actively contributes to sustainable development and continually seeks ways to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and products. We are dedicated to responsible corporate governance, providing safe, healthy, and fair workplaces for our employees, and bringing about positive change in our society.

We strive to increase the mutual benefit derived from our relationships with our business partners, including our more than 75,000 suppliers of goods and services— from IT service providers to haulage companies who transport our products.

We treat our suppliers fairly, providing them with equal opportunities to contract with us. Our procurement teams meet with suppliers to strengthen our relationships and listen to their concerns. By hiring a high proportion of local suppliers in each country of operation and offering them development programs, we foster economic growth in the communities where we operate.

We Help Create Sustainable Communities through Local Sourcing

We believe that local sourcing is, in and of itself, a sustainable business practice. It creates jobs, which in turn stimulate local economies, while developing new skills among local workers.

Whenever feasible, we support small, locally based suppliers everywhere we operate. In fact, in 2015, we made 95 percent of our purchases from locally and nationally based suppliers.

Our procurement teams participate regularly in events to identify new, local suppliers, particularly small-to-medium-sized enterprises.

We also provide training and development programs to help suppliers strengthen their business practices and integrate sustainability into their business processes.

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