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Code of Conduct
When Doing Business with Us

Supplier Relations and Fair Dealing

CEMEX’s success depends on supplier relationships that are built on trust and mutual benefit. We will always manage our supplier relationships with honesty, respect, and integrity, offering equal opportunities to all concerned parties.

1. Encourage suppliers to adhere to the highest ethical standards and practices

CEMEX encourages its suppliers to adhere to the standards of its Code of conduct when doing business with us and, therefore, strongly advises its suppliers not to perform or engage in any act prohibited by law or by its Code.

2. Seek for equality and fairness in supplier relations

CEMEX provides suppliers with equal opportunities to bid on and win contracts. CEMEX always conduct its procurement processes consistently, respectfully, and confidentially. In all cases, CEMEX bases the evaluation of bids for the selection of suppliers on the company’s established criteria.

3. Honor contracts and proprietorship, obeying the law, and complying with regulations

CEMEX honors its agreements and commitments, including copyrights, licenses, and other proprietary claims. Consequently, its employees do business only with contractors or suppliers who are qualified to use, transfer, or market products and/or services subject to royalties or other obligations. Therefore, contractors and suppliers are required to prove the authenticity and legitimacy of their products and services.

4. Comply with all anti-bribery laws

Suppliers do not receive, nor promise or accept a promise to receive, a bribe or any other type of improper payment in violation of international anti-bribery laws.

5. Maintain standard business practices related to gifts, services, and other courtesies

Gifts, services, and other courtesies from our current or potential CEMEX suppliers are acceptable only if they are given for legitimate business reasons. In all cases, such courtesies must be lawful and in line with standard business practices.

6. Ensure basic conditions of Labor

Suppliers have not and will not directly or indirectly make use of slave, forced or compulsory labor in any form, and/or engage children under the corresponding minimum ages for employment, as defined in all international labor standards and applicable national legislation on child protection.

7. Generate environmental and biodiversity engagement

Suppliers must comply with all applicable laws relating to the environment, the disposal of materials, the discharge of chemicals, gases or other substances or materials into the environment, or the presence of such materials, chemicals, gases or other substances in or on its facilities and/or its affiliates’ facilities.

8. Promote high priority on Health and Safety

Contractor/service provider and all its subcontractors represent and warrant to comply with all applicable laws, CEMEX requirements, approved codes of practice and industry guidance relating to health and safety.

A Health and Safety program is in place that sets out arrangements for: the identification, management, and control of hazards and risks associated with the activities/services to be provided; training and certification of personnel; formal induction and permit processes before work commences; reporting of all incidents and near misses; and periodic auditing for compliance with health and safety rules.

9. Enhance the Diversity and Equality

CEMEX supports diversity and equality in employment opportunities. CEMEX expects from its suppliers to comply with all laws relating to discrimination in hiring or employment practices.

10. Strengthen Human Rights

CEMEX considers human rights basic for its operation and its supply chain. Therefore, CEMEX expects from its suppliers to support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and to ensure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses and discriminations.


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