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At CEMEX, every day we strive to bring positive change to society by improving our operations’ efficiency and our relationships with our suppliers and the rest of our stakeholders. To this end, we treat our suppliers fairly and provide them with equal opportunities.

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CEMEX strives to build strong alliances with vendors who value our guiding principles and can provide the best solution for our company in the short and long term. We continuously innovate in the way we acquire goods and services to maximize our efficiency and overall business sustainability. We are constantly encouraged looking for alternative solutions to meet the needs of our internal customers most efficiently.

Be Part of the Challenge

We welcome suppliers who are strongly committed and hardworking, enjoy teamwork, and are willing to collaborate with CEMEX in a mutually beneficial business relationship. Cooperation, communication, and coordination are needed between our team and our business associates to perform our tasks effectively—always with the highest degree of integrity.

Five Reasons to Become Part of CEMEX

  1. We work with more than 75,000 suppliers worldwide.
  2. We produce, distribute, and sell cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and related building materials in more than 50 countries, and we maintain trade relationships with close to 100 nations.
  3. We welcome innovative ideas from our suppliers to assure a continuous improvement (“Integrate your ideas” Program).
  4. 70% of the countries in which we operate use formally recognized sustainability criteria in the selection of suppliers and contractors.
  5. We integrate negotiations and purchasing processes for all of our 56 cement plants, 1,608 ready-mix concrete facilities, 305 aggregate quarries, 242 land-distribution centers, and 61 marine terminals*.

    *As of December 31, 2015


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