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Ethics and Compliance

CEMEX Social Media Guidelines

The following guidelines are meant for all persons posting on any official CEMEX social media channel and are intended to create a respectful community.

  • Be relevant:Contributions to discussions should be applicable to the topic, and not for self-promotional purposes. Advertisements should not be posted and if posted will be deleted.
  • Be respectful: Inappropriate or offensive material is not to be posted, and if posted will result in a deleted comment or a banned user.
  • Avoid specifics: Any personal information about yourself, or any member of CEMEX or any person with whom CEMEX has a working relationship with, should not be posted.
  • Share content: By posting content on any official CEMEX social media channel, comments, users are consenting to allow CEMEX to use and post your content. This includes using #CEMEX or posting content in comments.

CEMEX reserves the right to remove and moderate comments. CEMEX also reserves the right to restrict users who do not follow these guidelines, have online pages containing offensive content or serving as promotional sites, or for any other reason.

Comments and opinions posted by users are the responsibility of the person who posted them. CEMEX does not adopt, endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of content posted by others, nor does CEMEX undertake to update any information contained in any such posted content, and such content does not represent the views of CEMEX.

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