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CEMEX Research Group AG (CRG) launched its activities in 2001 to take a leadership role in developing and managing CEMEX’s Research & Development (R&D) initiatives, and to own and deploy the resulting Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio across its business units and functions worldwide. It is strategically located in Switzerland, one of the world’s most innovative countries.

CRG Building at Switzerland

By assessing CEMEX’s current and future business needs and opportunities CRG develops innovative technological, engineering and business solutions for CEMEX’s continuous growth as the leader in the building materials industry across the globe.

The value generated by CRG is shared across all CEMEX operations. Also, in all strategic business development that CEMEX carries out globally there is a valuable contribution of CRG where the IP assets, know-how and best practices of CRG are implemented in the new operations.

The critical driver of CRG achievements is its human capital comprised of multidisciplinary backgrounds from research scientists to engineers, business professionals and commercialization experts representing 23 nationalities. Our exceptional talent pool is enhanced further by selectively capitalizing on talent within CEMEX operations as well as through partnerships with leading research institutions and universities in Switzerland and the rest of the world.

CEMEX Research Group AG’ mission

CEMEX Research Group AG aims to ensure CEMEX’s industry leadership and strong market position by enabling the CEMEX operations to deliver the best-in-industry value to their customers through the deployment of CEMEX global Research & Development and Intellectual Property management strategies worldwide.

Main activities

Research & Development – Market-driven research and development, driving global innovation initiatives and providing full expert support for all the areas and functions of CEMEX businesses are the main focus of the R&D activities at CRG. Principal R&D activities carried out by CRG include:

  • Assessment of opportunities, trends and challenges in the building materials industry to carry out advanced and innovative product development up to pre-commercialization;
  • R&D in the fields of building materials and construction systems development, manufacturing technology and processes optimization;
  • Business performance improvement by assessing and advancing business models, processes & practices management of CEMEX operations;
  • Software solutions, know-how development and their application in the fields of enterprise integration and management for CEMEX;
  • Design and deployment of novel collaboration practices and knowledge management tools across CEMEX;
  • Generation and promotion of innovative concepts in the areas of energy efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, environmental impact reduction and sustainability for CEMEX operations worldwide.

CRG houses the CEMEX Global Research Laboratory, a world-class industrial laboratory, to bring the next generation building solutions to market for all business units of CEMEX across the globe.

Intellectual Property Management – Development, management and strategic protection of CEMEX IP assets are the second key focus of CRG. As mentioned, CRG serves as the sole owner and administrator of all IP within CEMEX. It assesses, develops, formalizes, owns and implements all CEMEX Intellectual Property for CEMEX worldwide.

Intellectual Property management activities are focused mainly on:

  • Capitalization of CEMEX research and development;
  • Formalization and ownership of CEMEX know-how;
  • Implementation and management of CRG Intellectual Property portfolio across CEMEX;
  • Protection of CEMEX Intellectual Property rights;
  • Design of new business strategies leveraging the IP portfolio in order to sustain and increase the global competitiveness of CEMEX.

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